Why I Travel

Why do I travel? To me these are strange questions, and the only answer I really have is why not? Travel changes me. It teaches me. It causes me to feel and experience the world. There is so much that can be learned from traveling and so much to see. Every city will make you … More Why I Travel

Florence, Italy

Florence is a beautiful city in Tuscany Italy. It has beautiful architecture and is home to some of the most amazing works of art. There are many street musicians playing the accordion and plenty of restaurants serving traditional food. Florence natives are very friendly and warm, most work in the hospitality industry. Florence and it’s … More Florence, Italy

Venice, Italy

Venice. A city like none other in the world. It’s romantic, it’s old, it’s beautiful, but most of all it’s mysterious. It’s something impossible to describe in words. The streets echo and the tiny alleyways have an eeriness that can only be experienced. It has an incredible old world charm and the city has a … More Venice, Italy

Vienna, Austria

Vienna is the capital city of Austria, located on the border of Eastern Europe on the Danube River. The spoken language is German (with a different accent than Germany), but English is a strong second language. It is the home of Mozart, Schubert and Beethoven, so the musical influence on the city is not something … More Vienna, Austria