Miami Beach, Florida

The beach. The sun. The bikinis. The mojitos. Miami leaves little to the mind in terms of planning. Lying on the beach drinking ice-cold beverages is a must in this city. It is one of the most diverse cities in the world and has incredible restaurants and bars.

Top Things to Do

  1. South Beach – The place to see and been seen. South beach is the most iconic party of Miami beach and is filled with volleyballs and bikinis. The sand is white and the water is crystal clear and warm. It truly is paradise.
  2. Beach Bars – All along the beach there are outdoor bars with dancers and pools that offer parties all day. Hit one of these during the afternoon to experience the mixture of beach and sun.
  3. South Beach Art Deco Buildings – Walk down Collins Ave and check out some of the art deco buildings.
  4. Nightlife – Miami is the city to go out in. It is a nonstop party and there are clubs, pubs, bars, and everything in between to cater to what you want.

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What to Eat and Drink

Cuban Food – Miami is home to a large number of Cubans and many have opened up small restaurants. I’d recommend Las Olas Cafe on 6th St. It’s cafeteria style and requires some basic knowledge of Spanish but it is well worth it. There are plantains, empanadas, chickens, whole fish, fresh orange juice and of course cuban sandwiches.

Brunch- There are some amazing high end brunch restaurants on South Beach if you are looking to treat yourself. If not I’d recommend SoFi Cafe on South Pointe Drive. The cafe offers great acai bowls which are a rare find in the U.S.

South American Food – There are infinite possibilities for South American dining. Be sure to try ceviche, chorizo, and arepas. One Colombian restaurant I recommend is Bolivar on Washington Ave which offers a lot of tapas dishes so you can try everything!

Mojitos – A rum and mint cocktail that has made its home in Miami and the Carribean.

Transportation and Logistics

Walking: Walking is a good option is you are going somewhere close- by.

Airport: The Miami airport is one of the largest in the worlds and acts as a hub between North and South America. It is a headache to deal with and you better brush up on your Spanish before arrival.

Taxi or Uber: Best way to get from airport to destination, or to somewhere far from where you are.

What to know before you go

Miami Beach is not a nude beach and alcoholic beverages can be confiscated, it is patrolled by cops. Each section of Miami beach has a little bit different vibe so research which area appeals most to you. If you plan on staying at the beach all day I recommend renting an apartment or hotel as close as possible. It may be more expensive but will be well worth it.

There are many other great parts of the city of Miami I didn’t talk about such as little Havana and Coral Gables. They are definitely worth exploring time permitting, as well as the Florida everglades.

Miami is in South Eastern Florida so English is the language. Spanish is heavily prevalent, as well as Brazilian Portugese. Like I said earlier Miami is known for its diversity so don’t be surprised if someone at a cuban restaurant has a hard time understanding your English.

Fun Facts

South Beach redesigned to have art deco buildings so the city could serve as a backdrop for the TV series Miami Vice.

Miami is home to over 150 ethnicities and over 60 languages.

Miami Beach is home to the largest collection of Art Deco Architechture.


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