New York City – Brookyln

Brooklyn has a lot of great things to do and see and in my opinion is a much easier place to live and stay than Manhattan. There are fewer tourists but tons of great restaurants and bars. Brooklyn is one of my favorite places in the world and I can’t express how much it may surprise you to take a trip across the bridge and see whats out there.

Top Sites

  1. Brooklyn Bridge- The bridge is an iconic image of the architecture of the city and the first thing many people think of when they think of Brookyln. There’s a great trail along the water on the south end of the bridge, where amazing views of Manhattan can be seen. The Bridge crosses into Manhattan. If you want a make a walk out of it, you can walk through Chinatown in Manhattan to reach the Manhattan Bridge which will take you back to Brookyln.
  2. Williamsburg – Crowned as “the birthplace of hipsters” this neighborhood is filled with funky stores, bars, and restaurants.
  3. Smorgasburg – Every weekend there is a waterfront food festival in Williamsburg. In the summers, it is outdoors, while in the winter, an indoor arena has been opened. Smorgasburg has food stalls offering interesting foods and flavors to visitors.
  4. Prospect Park- Designed by the same man that designed Central Park, Brooklyn’s Prospect park is home to many events and races!
  5. Brooklyn Botanic Gardens- These can be found within Prospect Park and offer a great way to see some nature in the city.

What to Eat and Drink

  1. Pizza – New York is known for its pizza so make sure not to miss out! Patsy’s Pizza has been around for a long time and has kept a quality in their brick oven pizza. There is a Brooklyn location as well as one in Harlem.
  2. Brunch – No trip to New York is complete without Brunch! French Louie has the best egg’s benedict and great bloody Mary’s if you are looking for something slightly upscale.
  3. Coffee- There are countless coffee shops in this burough each with a hipster feeling. I’d recommend Brewklyn and 61 Local.
  4. Brooklyn Brewery – A nice place to visit if you are leaving Smorgasburg as it’s right down the street. Offers tours and tastings.
  5. Bars – Brooklyn has some great bars that offer a lot of specialty brews. Some recommendations are Pacific Standard- a west coast feel with brews from across the country, Mission Dolores – has an outdoor patio that’s great in the summer, Union Hall – bar filled with bookcases and leather coaches.

Transportation and Logistics

Airport: Flying to New York is the best option for most travelers. There is The Newark airport, LaGuardia, and JFK airport. Newark is in the state of New Jersey but there are some shuttle services into Manhattan. LaGuardia can be reached by bus from certain points in the city, and JFK is accessible through the metro.

Taxis: There are few times when I recommend a taxi in New York but there are two major ones, one is when arriving from the airport, if you have luggage it is almost impossible to lug onto public transportation, and the second is if you are lost and fear you may be entering a rougher neighborhood. Cab Drivers shift ends at 4pm, so keep in mind it can be very difficult to grab one at this time.

Subway: The subway is the best way to get around the city, pick up a refillable metrocard and swipe onto the subway for access to all five Boroughs.

What to know before you go

Brooklyn used to and still is a hub for immigrants to America. It is known for its lower prices but in recent years has turned into hipster paradise. It’s safe but still important to keep your eyes open when walking around.


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