Best Restaurants in The World

These are my personal favorites, and the best meals I have had so far throughout the world.

  1.  Trattoria da Romano,  Burano, 30012 Venice, Italy
     This restaurant has been around for hundreds of years and is on a small island off of Venice. It used to be a place artists came for dinner as they could trade art work for meals. The walls are covered in works of art and the restaurant is a traditional trattoria. The black cuddlefish risotto is the best dish I have ever had and is truely incredible.
    Burano, Venice,Italy
  2. Asiniuniu, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
    This restaurant in Beijing has authentic Sichuan food from the Yi minority. It can be very spicy but it is the most flavorful and delicious dishes.                                                                                                      IMG_2987
  3. Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo, Japan- This is an open market sells wholesale fish early in the morning when the fisherman come in. There are little restaurants  all around the open market selling fresh sashimi and sushi.                                                                    IMG_2911
  4. Girl and the Goat , Chicago, IL, USA – This restaurant in Chicago has small plates that are delicious! They rotate menu items but they are always delicious.                                                          IMG_6912
  5.  Patsy’s Pizza, Brooklyn, New York, USA – This old New York Pizza place is delicious and is home to fire roasted pizzas and Italian classics.                                                                                                      IMG_6771
  6. Bolivar, Miami Beach, FL, USA-This South American restaurant has incredible food and live music. It has a lively atmosphere and serves delicious foods such as ceviche and empanadas.                                                                                                                            IMG_5916 (1)
  7. Fogo de Chao, various – This Brazilian style steak house has locations throughout the world and is delicious. The meat is very high quality as well as the service.                                                   800px-Churrasco_carioca

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