Aruba is a smaller island in the Caribbean but has some of the most beautiful beaches. The white sand and crystal clear water is accessible to anyone as all of the beaches on the island are public. The sun is shining all the time, but the strong trade winds keep the island cool. It is dutch territory, so a heavy dutch influence can be felt on the island.

Top Things to Do

  1. Eagle Beach – The incredible beaches of Aruba will take your breath away, but Eagle Beach in particular is a great place to visit. The beautiful white sands and clear water are the ultimate paradise. There are only low rise hotels so it doesn’t get as crowded as Palm Beach.
  2. Snorkeling Trip off the Island- Aruba has some great snorkeling options. It is home to the SS Antilla, one of the largest ship wrecks in the Caribbean and a great way to see many fish.
  3. Hooiberg Mountain is the volcano located at the center of the island, and offers views of the entire surrounding area.
  4. Oranjestad – The downtown area is nice to walk around and see some of the various colorful buildings and to do some window shopping.

What to eat and drink

  1. Seafood – seems like a pretty simple options for an island, but they’re are a variety of seafood between lobster, ceviche, sushi, and Italian style fish
  2. Dutch Bakeries and Pancake Houses – since Aruba is a Dutch colony, there is a surprising number of restaurants and grocery stores catered to Europeans living on the island
  3. Passions on the Beach- This restaurant on Eagle Beach is truly incredible. It is right on the sand and has excellent seafood options. Truly a romantic option!
  4. Balashi beer- This is the national beer of Aruba and definitely the local beer of choiceIMG_2675

Transportation and logistics

Airport- Flying to Aruba is simple and if traveling between the US, Aruba offers pre-check of customs before your departure, just make sure to give yourself enough time at the airport(at least 3 hours)

Cars- rental cars and taxis are the most common way to get around the island. All taxi’s are government regulated and don’t run too expensive.

What to know before you go

Aruba has incredibly strong winds and can feel like a hurricane when you get off the plane. However, this wind makes the island feel cool even on bright sunny days.

Some of the beaches can get crowded so search for ones with low-rise hotels rather than resorts. When booking somewhere to stay make sure there is beach front access without crossing any major roads or highways – some of the hotels are further away or across the highway and it can be hard to tell from the website.



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