Munich, Germany

This metropolitan city in the southern Bavarian region offers a look into the Heart of Germany. The region is very proud and has a strong culture. Hiking, beer drinking, and singing are essential parts of the traditional life here.

Top Things to Do

  1. English Gardens – This huge park is easily accessible in Munich and provides a great picnic or exercise area. It has several beer gardens as well as an area where surfers gather on the river.
  2. Day Trip to the Alps or Castles – Munich is very close to the Alps so a day trip is a must. There are many hiking trails, as well as Castles and Medieval villages to see as well. I’d recommend Neuschwanstein Castle near Fussen.
  3. Beer Gardens and Halls – Munich’s famous beer gardens are a great way to experience the Bavarian spirit. Hofbrauhaus is the largest and most historic, but Paulaner and Augustiner also have great options.
  4. Marienplatz and St. Peters Church Tower – This is the central historic square of Munich and St. Peters Tower offers panoramic views of the city.
  5. Viktualienmarkt – This market is only a short walk from Marienplatz and offers street shops of wine, cheese, beer, and meats.
  6. Olympic Park – Built for the 1972 Olympics, the facility is a great site, and also has view point of the city.
  7. Festivals – Munich is most famous for Oktoberfest, but there are several other festivals such as May Day, and Christmas Markets
  8. Dachau – Concentration Camp
  9. Nymphenburg Palace – This Palace is in the city and offers ours, as well as huge grounds.


Food and Drink

 Beer– Bavaria has very specific beer purity laws so the beers brewed here are some of the purest in the world.

Weisswurst– This sausage is served at breakfast with weissbier and is a tasty morning treat

Schweinshaxe– Pork knuckle is a traditional Bavarian dish

Kaese Spaetzle – Similar to a German macaroni and cheese, this is a delicious treat

Gluwein– If you are lucky enough to be in Germany around Christmas time, this tasty mulled wine can be found at Christmas markets

Transportation and logistics

The Munich public transportation is extraordinary and consists of buses, trams, and the U-bahn(subway) to get around the city. For this type of transportation, you must buy a ticket at the station, sold in single rides, days, or week passes. The tickets are not checked on entrance, but you are subject to search and fine if not possessing a ticket.

The German train system is also a great way to travel between cities. You have the choice between one way tickets, regional passes, as well as the Euro-rail.

Munich’s airport is one of the largest in Germany and has numerous international flights.

What to know before you go

Almost all Germans speak English fluently, so it is unnecessary to intensely study German language.

In Munich, everything is closed on Sunday, and by 8pm on other days, so be sure to run errands and do shopping early. (The exception is the subway and beer halls)


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